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No less important than Mechanical, Electrical, and Automation systems are to the function of a building, the "Fourth Utility" -- Telecommunications Cabling Systems - is an integral part of any new building or tenant improvement project. Like traditional building systems, the telecommunications infrastructure requires carefully planned spaces for equipment installation as well as coordinated pathways to support cable distribution throughout the facility. The proper integration of cabling for voice, data, and video systems into a building requires participation in the planning process that begins with the creation of the Architectural and Engineering design team and continues through installation, testing, and acceptance.



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Caspitech Company  is uniquely qualified to provide the detailed design of Integrated Cabling Systems for Greenhouse, Health Care, Educational, Industrial, Campus, Government, and Corporate Office environments.

Caspitech Company  Provides --
-Fully coordinated telecommunications cabling system plans and specifications that are reviewed and sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer.
-Intimate knowledge of current technologies, local and industry accepted telecommunications standards, and industry association guidelines.
-An extension of our clients' current staff, with expertise and experience adding value as well as resources to complete your project successfully.


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